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Registering with MyFBO

Before you can begin scheduling flight lessons you must register with our scheduling system using MyFBO.   You start by clicking on MyFBO in the top right corner of our webpage as shown below.  (This is where you will log in once your account is confirmed.)


MyFBO Login


Next:  Fill out the information and click on continue..

MyFBO New User


Next Step:  Complete the Demographic Information..   




Be Sure to Associate Your Account to Inter-State Aviation

Registration Security

Save and Continue


Registration Confirmation

At this point you will receive a registration confirmation as shown below.   Your Final Step: is to click on "Click Here to Apply" and confirm you want to access the scheduler. 

For Airport Security Purposes, Inter-State Aviation Inc. Is Required to Manually Inspect and Approve Your Application to Schedule Aircraft and Instructors.  To Expedite approval please contact us at:  (509) 332-6596.

Learn to Fly!

Limited Availability for Fall 2021 Flight School.


Have you ever wanted to learn how to fly?  Visit Inter-state aviation today and schedule an introductory flight with a certified flight instructor today.  

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