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Inter-State Aviation Inc. uses MyFBO online flight scheduling software to track and RSVP aircraft and instructor time.  Before you can get started with scheduling flight instruction you must register with MyFBO.   Before you Register Online, You may want to review the easy registration and scheduling tutorials we have prepared for you.  You will find links to them on the navigation page to your right.  "MyFBO; How to Register"


Once registered, you should call us at (509) 332-6569.  Due to airport security restrictions, everyone having access to the tarmac and aircraft must speak with an Inter-State Employee in advance of MyFBO approval and have downloaded, completed, signed and submitted the requisite agreement forms.   


Once your account is approved, you can begin scheduling flight lessons online by clicking on the link at the top right corner of our webpage.    Please review the tutorial we prepared for you, "MyFBO; Flight Scheduling" located on the navigation pane to your right.


Inter-State Aviation Inc.




Learn to Fly!

Limited Availability for Fall 2021 Flight School.


Have you ever wanted to learn how to fly?  Visit Inter-state aviation today and schedule an introductory flight with a certified flight instructor today.  

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