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Frequently Asked Questions

Pursuant to FAR SECTION you can fly a plane at any age as long as a certified flight instructor accompanies you.  FAR REG states you can solo at age 16, and obtain your private pilots certification at age 17.  We do not recommend starting lessons until the age of 16.

Pursuant to FAR REG SEC you need at least XX hours to obtain your private pilots license.  Most pilots requirre 60-70 hours.  Some of those hours will include ground school with your flight instructor and some of those hours will be flying solo.   There are external costs such as books, flight planning tools and online training courses.  

Sport Pilot Certification:  

Avg. Cost is approximately $4,500.00


Recreational Pilot Certification:

Avg. Cost is approximately $6,500.00


Private Pilot Certification:

Avg. Cost is approximately $10,000.00


Commercial Pilot Certification:

Avg. Cost is approximately $30,000.00

(This inclues the cost for obtaining private pilot certification, IFR Certification and multi-engine rating.)


Flight Instructor Certification:

Part 61

Avg. Cost is approximately $5,000

Part 141

Avg. Cost is approximately $8,000

Flying "Solo" without an instructor is one of the most exiciting things you can accomplish during flight training.  You will need to demonstrate the basic elements required under FAA FAR SECTION and be checked out your flight instructor.  You will also need a Third-Class Medical Certification.  Depending on how often you have time to fly, most student pilots solo between 10 and 20 hours.  

Most Certainly.   Our Certified Instructors can guide your training to prepare you for the airline industry.

Flight Insurance can be obtained through any insurance provider.  AOPA Offers the best rates.  

That's a fine question..  Let me peep it out..

You have to maintain the FAA Mandated distance from clouds unless you are Instrument Certified.   

Yes we do.  

Learn to Fly!

Enroll in Flight School!

Have you ever wanted to learn how to fly?  Visit or call Inter-state aviation and schedule an introductory flight with a certified flight instructor today.  

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